Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Hazing Prevention High School Training Kit! In order to assist you, please identify your role in this process and follow the directions accordingly:

AUTHORIZED PURCHASER (Person responsible for registering your school and issuing codes).

  1. As your school's Athletic Director, or other authorized purchaser, access NYSPHSAA.Prevent.Zone and select the "Register" option to purchase this course for your school. Will you be paying by credit card or purchase order? (PO)?
  2. Tip: Purchasing via credit card is the easiest way! If you can use a credit card and seek reimbursement, this is the quickest and recommended way to pay. Jump to step #4.

  3. For purchasing with a PO, print out the W9 and uote provided on the Register page and pass it on to the business office contact to get a PO. You may also send your request and these links to them via email:
  4. Once you have the PO#, come back to the registration page, fill in the PO# and other contact information, and click Submit. You and the business office contact will then receive an email invoice with an Access Code.
  5. Email this Access Code to the coaches and/or teachers facilitating the course. If you, the purchaser, will be facilitating the course as well, you will also need to register yourself as a facilitator with the Access Code. Facilitators will have immediate access to the online course materials once you pass along the code.

BUSINESS OFFICE CONTACT (Person responsible for PO and payment). The individual who registered your school should have provided you with the W9 and quote in order to obtain the PO. Upon filling out the business office contact information during the registration process, you – as the business office contact – should have received an email invoice with directions to submit $100 payment to:

AliveTek, Inc.

83 Park Place Blvd, Suite 103

Clearwater, FL 33759

If you have not received the W9 and quote, you may access them here:

INDIVIDUAL REGISTERING AS A FACILITATOR (most likely the coach or club director) In order to register as a facilitator, your school’s Athletic Director, or another authorized person, must have purchased this course for your school. You should receive an email with instructions to register with an Access Code from the purchaser. Visit NYSPHSAA.Prevent.Zone and click or tap the "Register with a Code" button.

If you do not know who your school’s authorized purchaser is, or you don’t know how to get your code, type in your school’s name here and hit return/enter. A message will appear in a green box that tells you who your contact is.